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Article: A Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Kurta for Men

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Kurta for Men
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A Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Kurta for Men

Weddings are special occasions filled with joy, love and celebration. For men, choosing the perfect wedding attire is as crucial as any other aspect of the big day. The wedding kurta, paired with either a traditional pajama or modern pants, is an ideal outfit that gives an elegant and charming look. In this blog, we will explore the world of men's wedding kurtas, with a focus on the latest trends, styling tips, and the impressive collection offered by Cityvibes.

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Kurta for Men

Mens Wedding Kurta

Mens wedding kurta is the perfect traditional outfit that every man has been wearing for many years. The kurta for men reflects the rich cultural heritage of India and its traditions. Considering the right fabric, design and embroidery is crucial when looking for the perfect wedding kurta. Fabrics such as velvet, silk and brocade are well-known choices for a luxurious feel. Cityvibes offers a wide range of mens wedding kurtas ensuring that every man finds the perfect outfit that suits their style and complements their body. There are a few perfect combinations that can go well for every kind of event as per your style and preference:

Wedding Kurta Pajama

Pajamas are often the perfect pair with kurtas that create a classic combination that gives a perfect cultured look. Based on the style preference modern straight-cut pants or churidar pajamas can be styled with kurtas. Cityvibes very well understands the importance of comfort along with good looks, therefore, we offer a wide range of wedding kurta pajamas in different fits and fabrics. The finely created collection makes sure that the kurta along with giving a stylish look also keeps you comfortable for long hours.

Trendy Kurta Pajama

As new fashion trends hit the industry, so do wedding outfits. Men nowadays are very much interested in hopping on trends along with keeping the traditional touch intact. Cityvibes always stays ahead of the trends and offers an amazing collection of kurtas and pajamas that consists of innovative designs, modern cuts and contemporary colours. The fusion of trend with tradition is beautifully included in the collection which allows men to make a style statement.

Best additions to the basic kurtas

Nehru Jacket

To make your outfit look extra polished, try pairing your kurta with a Nehru Jacket. The Nehru Jacket, inspired by Jawaharlal Nehru, is a sleeveless jacket with a mandarin collar that gives the kurta an incredible look. Cityvibes offers a wide range of Nehru Jackets available in different patterns, colours and textures. The Jacket adds a regal touch that makes it an excellent choice for men who are looking towards upgrading their fashion quotient.

Waist Coat

For a polished and classy look, a waist coat is the perfect choice. A well-fitted waist coat can totally change the look by adding a touch of formality. Whether it is an intricately embroidered piece or a subtle solid colour, Cityvibe’s vast range of waist coats makes sure that you can find the ideal pair for your kurta. The ideal waist coat will enhance your overall look along with adding a personalised touch.

Styling Tips

While discovering the exclusive collection of Cityvibes, it is important to keep a few essential styling tips in mind.

  •   Consider the colour palette that complements the theme of the event. Whether it is a pastel shade, classic ivory or a maroon shade, go for the one that suits well with the overall ambience.
  •   Fit and silhouette are crucial elements of every outfit. A well-fitted kurta and complementary bottom wear enhance the look.

Accessorize Wisely

Accessories play a very important role in completing a wedding outfit. Go for some traditional accessories such as classic cufflinks, turban or embroidered mojris. Cityvibes offers a wide range of traditional wear that can go well with such accessories. A thoughtful selection of accessories can enhance the entire look by adding a touch of delicacy and subtlety to the outfit.


Selecting an ideal wedding kurta for men involves careful balance of trend, tradition and personal style. The impressive collection by Cityvibes fulfils the diverse choices of men by making sure that they find the ideal outfit for the occasion. Whether it is a classic wedding kurta, the additional Nehru Jacket or trendy kurta pajama, Cityvibes has brought for you an exclusive collection that perfectly blends modern aesthetics with traditional and cultural richness.

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