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Dress in vibrant hues for your Haldi ceremony with our exclusive Haldi Collection for Men. Explore the perfect blend of tradition and style in our curated men's Haldi wear. Find your ideal dress for the Haldi ceremony and step into the celebration with radiance and flair.

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yellow kurta pajamakurta pajama yellow colour
Mustard Yellow Color Kurta Pajama Sale priceFrom Rs. 2,499.00
kurta pajama for menskurta pajama for groom
Yellow Color Kurta PajamaYellow Color Kurta Pajama
Yellow Color Kurta Pajama Sale priceFrom Rs. 2,499.00
Kurta Pajamakurta pajama for men design
Onion Color Kurta Pajama Sale priceFrom Rs. 2,499.00
Yellow Color | Lakhnavi Style Kurta PajamaYellow Color | Lakhnavi Style Kurta Pajama
Embroidery Designer Kurta PajamaEmbroidery kurta pajama
yellow kurta pajamakurta pajama yellow colour
Embroidery Jodhpuri Yellow Colour Jacket KurtaEmbroidery Jodhpuri Yellow Colour Jacket Kurta
Yellow Jacket Kurta With Jodhpuri PrintYellow Jacket Kurta With Jodhpuri Print
Mustard Color Print Waist Coat For MenMustard Color Print Waist Coat For Men
Mustard Color Print Waist Coat For MenMustard Color Print Waist Coat For Men
Mustard Color Embroidery Waist Coat For MenMustard Color Embroidery Waist Coat For Men
Yellow Color Cotton Kurta PajamYellow kurta pajama
Yellow Color Cotton Kurta Pajama Sale priceRs. 2,499.00
Yellow Color Plain Kurta PajamaYellow Color Plain Kurta Pajama
Yellow Color Plain Kurta Pajama Sale priceRs. 2,499.00
Kurta Pajama Set For MenFawn Color Kurta Pajama
Fawn Color Kurta Pajama Set For Men Sale priceRs. 2,499.00
Yellow Color Cotton Kurta Pajama For MenYellow Color Cotton Kurta Pajama
Pink Color Cotton Kurta Pajama For MenCotton Kurta Pajama For Men
Yellow Color Embroidery Long Jacket KurtaYellow Color Embroidery Long Jacket Kurta
Blue Color Embroidery Long Jacket KurtaBlue Color Embroidery Long Jacket Kurta
Indo Western Yellow Color Jacket Kurta Set For WeddingIndo Western Yellow Color Jacket Kurta Set For Wedding

The Haldi ceremony, with its vivid colors and traditional moods, brings a splash of enthusiasm to the bustling world of Hindu weddings. With their exclusive assortment, City Vibe ensures that the grooms and groomsmen sparkle just as brightly as the bride, even when all eyes are on her. Let's examine the elegant yet understated options that City Vibe offers to make sure everyone feels and looks their best for this unique occasion.

Haldi dresses for men are easy to sort but need a lot of style to dress them. Here is a guide to make it work. 

Style The Look Effortlessly 

To add even more particular touches to the celebrations, City Vibe's Haldi function dress for men collection emphasizes comfort and design while keeping things simple. The clothes are meant to reflect the vibrant atmosphere of the Haldi event, where everyone is welcome to feel comfortable and look amazing.

  • Kurtas

City Vibe provides casual kurta ensembles in vibrant colors like yellow and saffron for grooms who enjoy a more relaxed look. The designs are understated yet sophisticated, with little embroidery for a carefree appearance. For grooms who wish to stick to tradition while still looking stylish, these sets are ideal.

  • Simple Sherwani

City Vibe offers stylish sherwanis that give the groom's attire a whimsical touch. These sherwanis, with their odd patterns and distinctive motifs, are ideal for grooms who wish to stand out while adding a little humor. The groom's attire is a modern twist on traditional attire, matching the occasion's brilliant hue.

  • Modern Fusion

Modern fusion apparel is available at City Vibe for adventurous grooms. Consider wearing fashionable jackets with dhoti pants as a modern take on traditional clothing. These ensembles provide the groom with a more contemporary edge while ensuring his comfort and style.

Kurtas with nehru jacket 

Kurtas and Nehru jackets go along so well, especially for the festive atmosphere of the Haldi celebrations. This suit gives grooms a classic and refined appeal by skillfully fusing modern flair with cultural elegance. Kurtas, which come in an array of vivid colors, perfectly encapsulates the exuberant essence of the event. 

Nehru jackets, which feature a buttoned-up front and the traditional mandarin collar, offer a touch of sophistication. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, this decision represents the ideal union of tradition and modernity.

Groomsmen can rock

The groomsmen's clothing line from City Vibe emphasizes complementary color schemes over matching ensembles. Groomsmen can select their favorite look from a coordinated palette of hues, which will produce a pleasing visual effect. It's an easy approach to make sure that everyone looks fantastic together without going overboard with matching.

Encourage guys to express their unique flair with well-groomed casual ensembles. 

City Vibe gives groomsmen the freedom to express their individuality by matching chic coats with cozy pants. It's all about achieving a cohesive charm that seems polished but unforced.

For the groomsmen, City Vibe believes in keeping things understated but well-coordinated so that each man may stand out while still having a cohesive style.

Short Yellow Kurta With Jacket

During Haldi ceremonies, wearing a short kurta with appropriate bottoms is a great option. This suit makes sure you're ready for an exciting event by striking the ideal mix of comfort and flair. 

The modern touch is added by the kurta with jacket, and the vibrant Haldi ceremony is complemented by the proper bottom attire. It's a chic and useful solution that makes you feel comfortable and fashionable for this unique occasion while facilitating easy navigation of the festivities.

Shirts With Waist Coat

Contemporary groom at Haldi rituals. This ensemble skillfully combines modern flair with classic refinement. The combination offers a variety of stylistic alternatives, such as solid-colored waistcoats paired with patterned shirts or plain shirts with contrasting waistcoats. 

Grooms may achieve the ideal blend of contemporary style and traditional charm with this suit, which makes it a great option for anyone looking to look stylish throughout the colorful Haldi ceremony festivities.

Wrap Up

The Haldi line by City Vibe is all about flair and simplicity combined. With comfort not sacrificed, the groom and groomsmen can look their finest and enter the celebration with ease. You can also wear a Silk kurta pajama is also a great option to opt for. 

Everyone will be guaranteed to enjoy the Haldi ceremony in style as it is a celebration of customs with a contemporary touch. With City Vibe, every moment becomes a treasured memory and simplicity becomes a statement.

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