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Article: Decoding men's ethnic kurta fashion trends in India 2024

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Decoding men's ethnic kurta fashion trends in India 2024

In 2024, the men’s ethnic fashion world is experiencing a transformation, and at the top of this evolution is the trend of ethnic wear kurta for men. So today we will be going to explore the world of modern ethnic dresses style & the latest trending kurta fashion ideas that have taken the ethnic men’s fashion landscape by storm. The latest Kurta patterns are something that is available in the market from wedding elegance to casual sophistication so here we will be exploring various latest kurta design ideas designed for every type of occasion.

This latest design comes in the most recent men's fashion trends in India. No matter if you are looking for everyday wear or exploring kurta designs for any wedding or any function, below we have shortlisted a list of a kurta collection that showcases the latest trends in men's fashion. Stay tuned with us as we’re going to explore the men’s kurta styles of 2024 that are trending most today in the fashion run:

Trending Kurta Designs for Men

  1. Chikankari Kurta For Men
  2. Lakhnavi Kurta For Men
  3. Mirror Work Kurta For Men
  4. Printed Kurta For Men
  5. Angrakha Style Kurta For Men
  6. Pathani Kurta For Men
  7. Embroidery Kurta For Men
  1. Chikankari Kurta For Men

Chikankari Kurtas are the one that has a traditional embroidery style Kurta from Lucknow that is one of the intricate & delicate touches to men's kurta style. The Chikankari has a pure elegance that makes it an excellent choice for formal gatherings or festive occasions & adds a touch of grace to any function or occasion. 

  1. Lakhnavi Kurta For Men

Inspired by the cultural heritage of Lucknow, Lakhnavi Kurtas has sophisticated patterns & beautiful embroidery that sets it apart from any other kurta pieces. These lakhnavi kurta for men balance modernity & tradition effortlessly & make them suitable for a range of weddings & events and many cultural occasions.

  1. Mirror Work Kurta For Men

Mirror Work Kurtas are so amazing as they reflect the liveliness of classic Indian artistry that displays bright mirrors playing on the material. These kurtas are best suited for party occasions & add a festive addition to your closet so that you can stand out in the crowd. You can also add a stylish look by wearing a long kurta jacket in mirror work.

  1. Printed Kurta For Men

These kurtas are the one that gives a modern twist to traditional outfits. With a variety of patterns, designs, and colours to choose from these printed kurtas are ideal for casual wear that helps you to express your personality through your dressing with style. You can also try Printed Jacket kurta designs for any party occasion.

  1. Angrakha Style Kurta For Men

Angrakha style kurta originated from Rajasthan’s tradition & culture and has a unique pattern of overlapping that gives you a royal look. This kurta style adds a touch of royalty to your closet & it’s one of the great choices for cultural events or festive occasions. You can wear an Angrakha kurta jacket set for a more stylish look.

  1. Pathani Kurta For Men

Pathani kurta for men is a classic symbol of rugged masculinity & this design is best suitable for an impactful & bold look. This kurta is very suitable for casual and semi-formal functions both. If you like wearing the white colour then you can experiment Pathani white kurta & jacket for a statement look.

  1. Embroidery Kurta For Men

Embroidery kurtas are one of the classic choices of many men that simply blend tradition with modern style. Whether you're going for a wedding function or a festive celebration now there is no need to worry as an embroidered long jacket kurta set can instantly elevate your style with grace.


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