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Article: The Best Waistcoat Fabrics for Different Seasons and Events

The Best Waistcoat Fabrics for Different Seasons and Events

The Best Waistcoat Fabrics for Different Seasons and Events

The Men’s waistcoat is known for its class & versatility. These days waistcoats are in so trend that men’s wear it in most of the events. Men can carry this prominent piece of outfit during the different seasons too. Whether you want to maintain your class in every event or just looking for the best outfit item for your closet, a men’s waistcoat can add something extra to your look always.

Different Fabric Waistcoat For Different Seasons: 

The Material of the waistcoat for men is very necessary to consider while buying a men’s waistcoat. Just like other men’s outfits, waistcoats are also available in various materials. Well, most of the fabrics have the same appearance but each fabric is unique & differs from the rest. 

Well, Linen fabric waistcoats are oftentimes carried by men during the summer season as its breathable &lightweight. In comparison to cotton fabric waistcoats, Linen ones weigh less. A linen fabric waistcoat has much more weight than any other fabric. Due to this, it is mostly comfortable in the spring & summer seasons. For example, Men can buy fancy linen waistcoats for weddings.

Whereas, during the chilled winter season most men prefer a waistcoat made of other fabric, like wool. Wool has comparatively more weight than linen& cotton fabric as it warms your body in the chilled weather.

Below are some tips about waistcoats for every season:

Summer Seas on: Cool & Casual

In summer we like to wear something comfortable & light in clothing. And the good news is that a man's waistcoat can also be worn during the hot months!

Style Tip: Go for a man’s waistcoat design with light fabric like cotton or linen. You can pair it with a light breathable shirt &shorts for a cool summer look. Finish up your look with footwear of your choice. And yes, don't forget your goggles!

Spring Season: Fresh & cheerful

Springtime is the season when trees get flowers again, leaves start to grow, and the sun is bright & shines strong. In this season men can perfectly combine waistcoats with lighter colors & fabrics.

Style Tip: You can go for a peach or cream waistcoat & pair it with a solid white shirt. In the bottom wear, you can add a star to your look by adding light jeans or trousers. Complete the look with suitable sneakers or loafers for a casual, yet modern look. For Example; in the spring season waistcoat for men in blue colour can look fabulous.

Autumn Season: Warm & Layered

The Autumn time is also known as the season of fall. It is when the weather gets colder & windy. In this season, the temperature begins to fall. But it doesn't mean that you cannot put on your waistcoat.

Style Tip: You can create a fantastic look by pairing a waistcoat with a sweatshirt or thick material shirt. In the bottom wear, you can add dark jeans or cauterised trousers. Spice up your look with trendy tough boots & a nice coloured scarf.

Winter Season: stylish & warm

The winter season is chilled but it doesn’t mean that you will be out of fashion. A waistcoat in winter can add an extra layer of warmth without making you compromise with your style.

Style Tip: You can choose a waistcoat which is thicker & warm. Pair it over a full-sleeved shirt or with a turtleneck as well. For more warmth, you can add a winter jacket, suitable trousers or jeans with boots or shoes as per your choice. For completing this look you can add a hat & gloves as well. For example, in the winter season if you have any event then men can buy warm fabric waistcoats for kurtas as well.


Whether it's summer, spring, autumn or winter season, a men’s waistcoat is always a good idea to add a touch of elegance to the look. It can add a standard to any outfit you wear in any event. With Cityvibes you can check a variety of men’s waistcoat styles for any season or any occasion as per your requirement.

So now there is no need to flaunt your style in your way. Come and visit the Cityvibes store or you can also take a look at our online waistcoat collection.

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