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Article: A Complete Guide To Choosing: The Perfect Long Jacket Kurta

Long Jacket kurta

A Complete Guide To Choosing: The Perfect Long Jacket Kurta

 In the luxury of men's ethnic wear, a lot of new outfits have been added. And the long jacket kurta is something that offers a perfect fusion of cultural heritage, style, and comfort. The long jacket kurta set is a classic attire that has upgraded the fashion sense of men. Whether you're attending any type of wedding function, or festive occasion, or even it's your own wedding event, a well-chosen long kurta jacket set can make you stand out along with a lavish statement.

In this guide to long jacket kurta, we will explore what is the long jacket kurta set that why it's popular among men these days, and factors to consider when choosing the perfect kurta with jacket set for men.

What is the long jacket kurta Set?

The long jacket kurta set is an indo-western attire that includes three main elements: a straight kurta, a long jacket, and a matching or contrasting bottom. Bottoms of the long jacket set can be in varieties such as trousers & pants. This long jacket kurta set comes in a variety of designs, fabrics, and colour choices which suit all types of personalities.

Why are Long Jacket Kurta Sets Popular in Men these days?

There are various reasons behind the popularity of Long Jacket Kurta Sets among men, some are stated below:

  1. This outfit shows Elegance & Grace: The flowing texture of a kurta & a long jacket in this attire showcases grace & elegance. It's an ideal & most preferred choice for men these days of all body types. Also, the addition of prints, embellishments, or embroidery makes the long jacket look more aesthetic & royal.
  1. This outfit shows Cultural Heritage: The kurta sets for men are deeply in Indian tradition & culture. Wearing a long jacket kurta set not only exudes your style but also shows your traditions with elegance.
  1. This outfit shows Versatility & Comfort: The best advantage of a long jacket kurta set is that this outfit is comfortable to wear. Along with that, men can wear these sets on casual & formal occasions, giving them a flexible badge.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Long Jacket Kurta Set

Below are some of the necessary steps that would help you a lot in the selection of a long jacket kurta set as stated below:  

  • Tip for choosing a long jacket kurta set that suits your body type: With Cityvibes, you can get the perfect suitable long jacket kurta set for men or you can also get an idea about the same by doing some research online.
  • Type of Body: Before buying any outfit it's very important to understand your body type. For example, if you have a slim-fit body, then take the size of the outfit accordingly.
  • Fabric: The fabric of an outfit can ease you or can tease you. Check the fabric of the outfit as it should comfort you & you can carry them with ease. Ensure to choose a fabric that matches with the season & occasion.
  • Design & Embellishments: The embellishments & design on the long jacket can greatly impact the overall attire. Keep your style and the occasion in mind when selecting the type of embellishment for jacket kurta designs. For example; in special events, heavily embellished long jackets can go well. While in some casual events, you can try choosing a printed design long jacket set.
  • Occasion: Prior to deciding on any outfit be sure to consider the theme of the occasion so that your outfit can suit well. For example; if we take a heavily embroidered kurta and jacket set may be perfect for festivals or weddings, and a printed long jacket kurta set can be ideal for daytime functions.
  • Colour: Before deciding on any outfit, the basic thing to consider is the colour of the outfit is as per your skin tone & occasion. Choose such colour that suits well with the occasion & your personality well.
  • Accessories: When picking a kurta pyjama with a jacket set, don't forget to look for accessories. Suitable accessories like brooches, bracelets, pocket squares, etc can give you a statement look & turn your style to another level.


The long jacket kurta set for men is a closet staple that style, culture, tradition, and comfort, with ease. Embrace the elegance of this trending indo-western attire with Cityvibes & become a true style icon at different festivities. Cityvibes offers a wide range of designer long jacket kurta set styles that can be suitable for any of your coming occasions.

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