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Article: Save This Ultimate Last Minute Wedding Checklist for the Groom

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Save This Ultimate Last Minute Wedding Checklist for the Groom

A wedding is one of the most important days of our life. It’s a day when we want everything to be perfect like anything. And grooms, we’re here to help you so you can have the best time leading up to your wedding.

We’ve researched for you and created a detailed last-minute wedding checklist for grooms to ensure that you’ve got every single detail so you can have the best time with your partner, family, and friends.

Organize Outfits & Accessories for your Wedding Day

Shopping is the most tricky & time taking task so it would be great if you begin shopping for your wedding outfits at least three months before your wedding. Shopping at least before three months can give you enough time to look at options of your choice & get all the fittings done well in advance.

  • Your wedding outfit should typically include a sherwani or kurta pajama for groom. It is suggested to opt for a pastel colour, ethereal sherwani if your wedding is in spring or summer season and in winter, you can take heavy or intense shades of sherwani.
  • Accessories play a huge role in enhancing the overall look on our big day. It includes various things such as jewellery pieces like a neckpiece or brooch, detailed dupattas, and a pair of well-designed shoes, which are must-haves for your wedding day.
  • A safa is an essential accessory that needs to be worn with a sherwani. You can take a safa in a beige, soft golden, or white colour which usually suits well with sherwanis worn in summer while the heavy gold work & maroon safas work go well in winter.
  • A week before your wedding, make sure your ethnic wear outfits are properly ironed and all of them are ready with their accessories, including a pair of socks, a handkerchief, and deodorant are packed with it.

Check on Your Pre & Post-Wedding Outfits and Accessories

Once your shopping is done for the main functions, it’s time to start planning for the coming days.

  • There are various functions & ceremonies performed in different cultures before the wedding. And some rituals are traditionally part of our culture, kurta sets in and modern long jacket kurta combinations are ideal choices for pre-wedding rituals. For Mehndi Raat dresses, you can try an elegant Indo-Western outfit that works very well.
  • Buy shoes or sandals in neutral shades of brown or white colour which can suit well on haldi dresses & most of your wedding outfits.

Don't forget to check on Important Bookings

After checking out outfits & accessories properly, it's time to ensure that everything is working as per plan.

  • In case you have lost or gained weight, don’t forget the last-minute fittings that need to be done in any of your outfits.
  • Check on the menu with the caterer & prepare the song list with the DJ to avoid any last-minute issues.
  • Also, confirm the venue for the wedding & check on the seating capacity, decor and other special arrangements that need to be done.
  • If you’ve hired an event planner for your wedding then ensure to share the guest list with them, so that they make the necessary arrangements on time.

Pack the Emergency Groom Bag

  • Pack a spacious lightweight bag that can be kept with you every time through the wedding week.
  • Prepare a grooming kit with a trimmer, razor, comb, hair dryer, tweezer, spray, sunscreen, moisturiser, perfume, and other things you need.
  • Keep some money with yourself in terms of cash or online payment in case you need to settle any urgent payments.
  • Keep some snacks handy in case you are in a hurry for some work. Since it’s your day and you will be surrounded by many people, ensure to keep a face towel, a lip balm, a pack of mouth fresheners, and a mini perfume with you always.


Keeping all these above things in mind can help you to enjoy every moment of your wedding. With Cityvibes, you can buy kurta pajama for sangeets & waistcoats for wedding in a variety of designs as per your taste.

Save this wedding checklist and we assure you, that you will have a great stress-free wedding.


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