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Article: Exclusive Long Jacket Kurtas by City Vibes - Elevate Your Ethnic Style.

Exclusive Long Jacket Kurtas by City Vibes - Elevate Your Ethnic Style.

Exclusive Long Jacket Kurtas by City Vibes - Elevate Your Ethnic Style.

Long jacket Kurtas are the most trending ethnic wear these days. With Cityvibes, you can explore the latest men’s long jacket kurta designs. We’re here to show you the coolest long jacket kurta types. Whether you like traditional or modern style, we’ve got a huge idea of long jacket kurtas for you.

Types & Colors of Long Jacket Kurta for Men

  1. Floral Print Long Jacket Kurta: 
  • These floral print long-jacket kurtas are best for daytime parties.
  • You can choose from colours like peach, mint green, baby pink, etc.
  1. Embroidered Long Jacket Kurta:
  • Long jacket kurta for men with embroidery is one of the perfect ethnic dress choices for the festive season & weddings.
  • Long jacket kurtas with threadwork can look elegant & classy.
  • If you’re someone who doesn’t want heavy embellishment work but still wants their long jacket kurta set heavy, you can go for mirrorwork on kurta jacket set as they are in trend. 
  1. Geometrical Print Long Jacket Kurta: 
  • These pattern sets give modern vibes.
  • With this particular pattern, you can use contrast shades for a better look.
  • This pattern looks great in colours like midnight blue, rust, olive green, pink, yellow, etc.

Trending Colors for Long Jacket Kurta Set

If you’re looking for such colours that can seek the attention of the audience then consider trying the colours mentioned below to stand out from the crowd:

  1. White Kurta with long jacket:

White is a universal & most loved shade. No matter what the occasion or the season, a White kurta set for men will always be at the top of the list in the world of fashion.

  • Men’s long kurta with a jacket in white colour is always in demand.
  • White kurta and jacket set for men fit well in every occasion such as weddings, parties, festive, or other normal functions.
  1. Black Kurta with long jacket:

Black colour jacket kurta designs create the most attractive look for the person wearing it. Black colour is asked by many men & they wear it with such style that makes a statement look.

  • This colour jacket set adds a touch of fashion that never fades.
  • You can pair it with the same colour or suitable footwear as it will make your look more appealing.
  • Men’s kurta jackets set in black colour with delicate embroidery work can give a regal look to the person wearing it.
  • No matter what your skin tone is, black is the basic colour that suits all men with every skin tone.
  • Men’s long Kurta jacket set in black colour is perfect for various parties such as weddings, anniversaries, receptions, etc.
  1. Blue Kurta with a long jacket:

The blue colour gives a royal look to men as this colour adds a sophisticated touch to your style.

  • The blue colour stands for classiness & it is meant to give you a smart & dashing look.  
  • You can pair a long dark blue jacket with a same-colouredkurta for a smart & welcoming feel.
  • If you’re wearing this colour in winter then you can get a perfect festive look by pairing this colour with warm sandy shades like Beige and brown shades.
  1. Golden Color Kurta with long jacket:

Men’s golden long jacket kurta set is an outfit that can be worn as per the seasons. It is bright in colour and works when there is any special occasion. 

  • The Golden colour kurta with long jacket is best suited if you have a wedding season coming your way.
  • You can pair the golden colour  kurta with a bright-coloured long jacket to create a party & aesthetic outfit for evening weddings.
  1. Red colour kurta with long jacket:
  • Men’s long jacket kurta set in red colour is the best one to wear in winter as it gives warmth and is best for the winter season functions.
  • You can make the red colour long jacket kurta set look smarter by adding beige, black, or white bottoms for a very sharp & neat look.


If you want your look to be simple & stylish in the same way, opt for a long jacket kurta set from Cityvibes with tucked fancy, stylish bottoms and accessories that can make your party look more smart & stylish.

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