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Article: Designer Long Jacket Kurtas for Men | City Vibes

Designer Long Jacket Kurtas for Men | City Vibes

Designer Long Jacket Kurtas for Men | City Vibes

In a world of men’s ethnic wear, the amazing timeless kurta pajama set never goes out of style and when it’s combined with a stylish jacket, it gives an outstanding style statement that showcases your style & elegance.

Long Jacket Kurta sets are trending on top these days as they’re the blend of modernity & tradition and add a new charm to the Kurta Pajama Sets for men. 

The waistcoat which is commonly popular as the Nehru Jacket, is a sophisticated fusion of an ethnic style & western charm. The long jacket is best suited for traditional events which effortlessly adds elegance to various outfits such as solid Kurta Pajamas, Printed Kurta Pajamas, or embroidered Kurta. Below we’ve shared some tips for selecting the perfect designer long jacket kurta for men from Cityvibes.

Trending Styles in Long Jacket Kurtas

For selecting smart designer long jacket kurtas for men, explore the latest trends that are a mix of modern & traditional designs. From contemporary prints to delicate embroidery, search for such styles that match with modern elegance & cultural heritage.

Versatility Personified in long jacket kurtas

The beauty of the Kurta Pajama with Long Jacket lies in its flexibility. Whether you’re attending a festive celebration, wedding or any cultural programme, this outfit set effortlessly fits every occasion whether it’s formal or semi-formal. This attire is the one that every modern man should have in his wardrobe.

Choosing the Perfect Long Jacket for Long Jacket Kurtas

You can enhance your look by just choosing the right long jacket style. You can go for embroidered long Jackets for an authentic traditional look or experiment with long jackets featuring modern designs. The motive is to find a perfect balance of a designer long kurta with a jacket that enhances the overall look of the outfit.

Colour Magic in long jacket kurtas

You can even play with different colours to make a statement look. You can either make a classic pair like a White Kurta Pajama With the same coloured long Jacket or muted tone kurtas paired with vibrant long jackets. For a perfect match, don’t forget the theme of the event and your personal style when selecting the perfect colour combination.

Accessorize correctly in long jacket kurtas

Accessories are a very important part of any attire as they can make or break it. You can make your look more stylish by just adding traditional accessories such as pocket squares, brooches, or a statement watch with your long jacket with  Kurta set. These amazing additions can enhance your overall look & showcase your fashion sense.

Comfort Meets Style with long jacket kurtas

Comfort is truly important along with the style. Choose such fabric attires that are breathable & complement the complete outfit. With a comfortable outfit, you will feel your level best & ease at the same time.

Customization Options in Long Jacket Kurtas

With customization options, you can create perfection in your outfit. You can customize your kurta jacket set as per the occasion or the colour that you want to match with your partner for a unique style.


The combo of the classic kurta with a stylish long jacket is evidence of the development of men's ethnic fashion. From traditional celebrations to modern events & parties, this outfit ensures you make a statement impression. Embrace versatility, discover the latest trends, and express your style statement with long jacket kurta designs that redefine your ethnic grace.

In your journey to excellent fashion, the long Kurta Jacket set emerges as a lighthouse of style, offering a balanced fusion of modernity & tradition. Update your closet & step into every event like a star, making a statement that's both resonant & refined. Explore our collection now with Cityvibes for a unique attire addition to your wardrobe!


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