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Article: Formal & Traditional Waistcoat Set for Men | Cityvibes

Formal & Traditional Waistcoat Set for Men | Cityvibes

Formal & Traditional Waistcoat Set for Men | Cityvibes

A modern twist on the classic Vests, the Waistcoat set for Men is an obligatory outfit that every man should have in his closet. Waistcoat sets are such apparel that make a perfect & complete three-piece set. This set contains a shirt, trousers, and waistcoat or a Kurta, Pajama & a Waistcoat. The waistcoat set comprises numerous garment pieces that come together to make a smart & complete set.

How can waistcoat make a formal & traditional outfit?

Men used to wear waistcoats as a part of their formal wear, and initially, formal waistcoats were only in trend. Men used to pair waistcoats on shirts for a formal look. But nowadays if you combine them with your traditional kurta & pyjama, then it will automatically make an elegant Indian ethnic outfit. A man can carry a waistcoat suit to a variety of events. The below given tips can help you match your waistcoat set to any event coming your way:

  • printed waistcoat can be a perfect outfit for any party that brings joy & makes you feel alive.
  • And what if you’re there’s a wedding reception? Now there is no need to worry as you can carry a designer kurta pajama with waistcoat that can add elegance to your whole look.

Best Ideas For Formal & Traditional Waistcoat Sets for Men:

Below are the top 6 ideas for Kurtas with Waistcoats for men:

  1. Ethnic Kurta with Overcoat:

For a traditional look, you can carry an ethnic kurta with waistcoat. You can pair a plain silk kurta with a well-designed jacquard brocade fabric waistcoat. The waistcoat should be sleeveless & will look great if it has a round neck. You can add contrasting coloured buttons on the front side with a fine border. To complete this look, you need to wear it with a plain kurta & pyjama.

  1. Self-Weave Kurta with Waistcoat:

For a special occasion, you can try a kurta with self-design fabric & pair it with a contrasting shade waistcoat. In this outfit, the waistcoat works as a highlighter that can be worn with a full-sleeve kurta. You can finish the look with any shade of matching bottoms.

  1. Less Fancy Kurta Design with Waistcoat:

If you want an outfit idea for a formal occasion then try a solid white kurta pajama with a waistcoat. You can make this a deadly combination by wearing any plain cream-shaded & pyjama with any contrasting shade of plain waistcoat over it.

  1. Draped Kurta with Waistcoat:

If you want an Indo-western look, you can pair a dark-shaded draping kurta with mix matched overcoat. This outfit can enhance your whole look just by adding the waistcoat of different shades in contrast with the kurta. This outfit idea can help you make your plain kurta & pyjama look modern and trendy. For Example; men can pair a draped waistcoat in black colour with any light-shade waistcoat.

  1. Solid Kurtas with Embroidered Waistcoat:

If you want a sleek look then try a stylish, simple, single-coloured embroidered waistcoat for men. This waistcoat can be suited with a plain solid kurta & pyjama as it makes the waistcoat a centre of attraction. So choose your waistcoat in this look wisely you can buy a waistcoat for men in a blue colour with a cream embroidered waistcoat for a perfect look.

  1. Same shaded Waistcoat with matching Kurta:

One more look for traditional lovers, pair a matching waistcoat with the same shaded kurta you can try a blue waistcoat for men with a blue colour kurta & pyjama. This look is completely designer just pair it with a collar-neck waistcoat. This outfit gives a traditional ethnic wear look.


 There are varieties of waistcoats with different ranges of designs and each one of them is tailored with sophistication, grace, and full expertise. Once you wear Kurta with a waistcoat you will definitely going to fall in love with those delicate embellishments, rich fabrics, and detailed embroidery.

Whether you’re celebrating any festive occasion, any wedding, or simply looking for a classy look for any special day, our collection will definitely match every idea & occasion of yours. From classic texture to modern cuts, Cityvibes offers a wide range of Kurtas With Waistcoat collections with the perfect mix of trend & tradition.

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