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Article: Embroidered Waistcoats: Sophisticated Men's Wear

Embroidered Waistcoats: Sophisticated Men's Wear

Embroidered Waistcoats: Sophisticated Men's Wear

Waistcoats add elegance & charm to a man’s outfit. Whether it's part of a kurta, shirt, three-piece or four-piece suit & tailored with the same material to match the blazer & trouser, or you've chosen something different to create a contrasting look b/w your kurta and pyjama, a well-designed waistcoat adds grace to your look. And if we talk about an embroidered waistcoat then it is the perfect choice for an event like a wedding, roka, haldi, etc.

From multicolour to elegant peach, and versatile blue to sophisticated black, we stock men's embroidered waistcoats in a wide variety of colours, designs, styles, and fits to work for any special occasion.

Stunning Embroidered Waistcoats for Men

Make any traditional outfit alive with our embroidered waistcoats for men. You can layer a peachy waistcoat with thread embroidery onto a short silk kurta with contrasting colours to make a perfect balance b/w contemporary & traditional.   

For Wedding, if you want a superb outfit then try a velvet-based multi-coloured waistcoat with metallic embroidery. And if you want to make your black kurta pajama look fabulous then try a cream waistcoat embroidered with zari on it & tada your outfit is ready. Also don’t forget to add a Pocket Square & rock the party with this outfit.

Double-Breasted Embroidered Waistcoat for Men

 With Double Breasted Waistcoats wherever you go, you steal the show! Choose a formal black Waistcoat for men in a rayon base having double-breasted metal embroidery best for any fancy party. For a cool & classy look try a beige-coloured waistcoat with a linen base with embroidery for a fierce look.

Printed Embroidered Waistcoat for Day Functions 

With its fancy colors and beautiful embroidery you can grab the attention of every special event. With these Waistcoats for Men, you can elevate your Indian look. It is available in a variety of bright colours like nude, Yellow, and green and is ideal for day functions or events.


If we add a waistcoat to any outfit then it takes the look to another level. Whether it’s a waistcoat for a wedding, puja, or any other festival, a traditional three-piece set is the most eye-catching outfit.

If we talk about a wedding party, it's very easy for all the men to mix & match the colour. And if it's your Haldi function then you can easily create some match in colours with the bride with a floral embroidered waistcoat design or even yellow colour waistcoats.

However, if you are wearing a three-piece waistcoat set for men with all the same colours, it can equally look sophisticated & stylish. For Example, you can buy a waistcoat in black colour with a matching kurta and trousers.


1.) How should a waistcoat fit?

If you’re wearing a well-designed waistcoat then it should fit comfortably to your body, but it should not be so fit that the buttons pull. If you buy a Waistcoat from Cityvibes then you can have an adjustable “cinch” on the lower area of the back to ensure it fits properly. A good waistcoat is one that should cover the waistband area of the trousers. This means that the length of the waistcoat plays an important role. For more and flexibility & comfort, it's totally fine to leave the last button undone.

2.) Is your waistcoat size the same as the jacket?

Waistcoats for men are sized through the wearer's chest, so it is suggested that you should buy the same size waistcoat as your blazer. Also please note that if your stomach is heavy than your chest then you should go for a larger size.

3.) How to tighten a waistcoat? 

Put on a waistcoat & button it up to know about the fitting. For the perfect-suited look, you need to pass the loose end of the cinch via the buckle given. The right side of the belt should always go above the left. Put the waistcoat back on & tighten the cinch until you get the proper & comfortable fit. We at Cityvibes provide you with the perfect fitted waistcoat so no need to worry about the size as we’re always there to make your perfect look.

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