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Article: Waistcoats on Shirts: Fashionable Combinations

Waistcoats on Shirts: Fashionable Combinations

Waistcoats on Shirts: Fashionable Combinations

A waistcoat is a magnificent piece of a man’s outfit, which can completely change the style of the whole outfit and make you look more manly. The waistcoats are known for their versatility as they can be paired simply with different outfits by adding a touch of elegance to the general look.

What is a waistcoat?

A men’s waistcoat is a sleeveless piece of clothing that covers the waist of a man. It’s one such piece of outerwear that makes the outfit more expressive. In the beginning, waistcoats were used to work as a warmer during winter seasons. But if talk about the present trend then waistcoats are used now on every occasion with majorly all men’s outfits & can be worn with or without a blazer.

Waistcoat & The Shirt - A Classic Combo

A shirt is always a trendy &classic choice under a waistcoat. You can create a formal look by choosing a solid white coloured shirt, while a shirt with a pattern can give a playful & casual touch.

The role of the collar 

When men wear a shirt its collar plays a major role in the full look. A button-down collar gives a casual look whereas a pointed collar gives a formal look. The combination of Waistcoat on the shirts is evergreen. It’s stated by many men universally that waistcoats look perfect with shirts. You just need to tuck your shirt in as it can be an amazing option for a professional getup with a waistcoat over it. Not only this you can also pair it with jackets & waistcoats, shirts will never let you lose the game. You can make any combination as per your preference with the colours & patterns you like. A pair of waistcoats & shirt will be a time saver for you & you can always make your look top class.

A shirt along with the waistcoat is a major part of any type of 3-piece outfit as well. However, nowadays there is a variety of waistcoats for men available in the market in different styles & fabrics. So men can now easily wear different waistcoats on various occasions as given below:

  • Formal events. For an amazing three-piece suit look, you can buy a waistcoat for wedding. In summer, you can ignore wearing a blazer, so in summer a waistcoat can help you look classy & stylish.
  • Casual events & social occasions. If you want to make an impression & look dashing, a waistcoat can make your casual look more attractive. There are a variety of vests & shirts that you can pair with trousers.
  • Business meetings. In business meetings, you need to be comfortable & relaxed. And with a waistcoat, you can work & stay focused for hours.

Why do men wear waistcoats with Shirts?

In ancient times, the waistcoats are meant to be known for their classic looks as they add an elegant touch to any formal outfit. However, waistcoats & shirts are commonly worn these days & it’s not necessary to wear them on formal occasions only. Below are some of the main reasons for men to buy waistcoats:

  • They adorn men’s body shape
  • They are universal
  • They add a smart & unique look
  • They can add certain formality to your outfit
  • Men can easily carry them in everyday life.

To buy a good-quality & nice waistcoat design, visit Cityvibes & choose from our huge stylish & unique collection. We have a variety of designs so that you can complete your look and make the best waistcoat set for men. 

A surprising fact about men's waistcoats

Well if we talk about the past history of the waistcoats then it was originally tailored & known as a garment for heat. In the nineteenth century, men used to wear many layers on their top wear, including a waistcoat so that they could stay warm in those heated buildings. 


Whether you want a formal or classic look, carrying a shirt with a vest is a perfect way to express your style. Also, if you want to buy a shirt & waistcoat in black colour then visit Cityvibes.

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