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Article: Wedding and special occasion waistcoats for men | Cityvibes

Wedding and special occasion waistcoats for men | Cityvibes

Wedding and special occasion waistcoats for men | Cityvibes

Waistcoats play a major role in men’s suits. When waistcoats were new in the market, they were an essential part of the costume, but today men wear them as a fashion choice. Nevertheless, waistcoats for weddings or special occasions are the perfect part of the outfit that will make you look classy at your special event. But before deciding on your wedding waistcoat, a few things should be considered about the waistcoats, so that you can buy the perfect one. 

How Men’s Can Wear Wedding Waistcoat? 

As formal wear, the wedding waistcoat goes over the shirt & under the jacket in the gathering of the suit. These men’s waistcoats are also known as vests. So before buying you should remember that vests & men’s wedding waistcoats are one & the same thing. 

Types Of Men’sWedding Waistcoat

Like every other outfit, Men’s wedding waistcoats are also available in different colours & styles that can be matched in contrast with the rest of the outfit, as per the occasion or party.

  1. Men’s wedding waistcoats ( single or double-breasted )

Well, wedding waistcoats of single-breasted are those with only a single line of buttons in the centre of the waistcoat. Buttons can vary in number, as per the waistcoats, but usually, they have about 4 to 5 buttons. The double-breasted wedding waistcoats for men have two rows of buttons in parallel. They’re placed in the front of the men’s waistcoat. Generally, you can wear double-breasted waistcoats for formal events & you can also carry them with a tie as per the look you want to have.

  1. Men’s wedding waistcoats ( Different variations of the neckline & collars )

Every wedding waistcoat for men is different & it gives an opportunity to the men to best express their style. Waistcoats are designed on the market in variations with collars. Some are made from the same fabric as the whole waistcoat & some have a pinch of something varied with a collar from another fabric.

Mainly the collars & necklines of the men’s party waistcoats have two major forms they can be pointed (V-shape), or they can be of round shape. The party waistcoats for men are also based on the neckline size. Some men’s wedding waistcoats have a round collar or small V-shaped that shows only the top area of the shirt & the tie knot, cravat or bowtie. The big rounded collars or V-shaped waistcoats show a larger area of the shirt & the tie.

  1. Men’s wedding waistcoats ( Styles & Colors )

Men can find party waistcoats in many colours & various fabrics. For example, if you like blue suits then you can carry a blue waistcoat for men on your special occasion. You can buy a three-piece suit or any party waistcoat that is made from the same material, shade and colour as the rest of the suit. You can also buy an ethnic waistcoat if you want to have a traditional look. In this look be assured that every man will look royal on his most important occasion.

Tips On How To Wear Men’s Party Waistcoats

Like every other outfit, before wearing designer waistcoats few specific things should be considered about their wearing. We at Cityvibes want to assist every groom to look best on their special day, so here we’ve mentioned some tips for men’s wedding waistcoats:

  • Always pick such party waistcoats that fit you perfectly. For example, if it’s your engagement party & you want to look smart then a waistcoat in black colour with the same coloured full suit can enhance your look.
  • If you go with round deep neckline waistcoats, always wear a bowtie;
  • Try not to wear a belt, when wearing party waistcoats;
  • Vintage waistcoat sets for men are as good as the modern versions.


We at Cityvibes offer all our clients the best waistcoats for their special day in the best quality. They’re specially tailored to fit every body type & we assure you that you will look attractive. We can provide you with many types & styles of men’s waistcoats and you can go with what will be the best for you! We at Cityvibes can help dress every man with the best waistcoats for their perfect wedding & special day. Our collection is always here to help you impress with the way you dress.

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