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Article: Stylish kurta waistcoats for men - Traditional & Modern Styles

Stylish kurta waistcoats for men - Traditional & Modern Styles

Stylish kurta waistcoats for men - Traditional & Modern Styles

For men who always love to add something extra to their outfits then waistcoats are flexible & an ideal piece for them to have in their closet. Not only this but after wearing a waistcoat you could also add a top layer to your outfit to them like coats or blazers. Waistcoats work fabulously on outfits & addfour stars on men of all ages. The waistcoat segment is wide as it is available in different designs, patterns, colors, and fabrics so that you can wear them as per the theme or event to keep your outfit the way you want it to be.

How to Choose the Perfect Kurta Waistcoat for Traditional & Modern Style?

  1. The Fit

For a properly fitted waistcoat for men ensure to try it as much as you can so that the fitting of the waistcoat doesn’t let you down in any manner. For more clarity about the fitting try it with a Kurta, with a shirt, with& without a tie, with a blazer, etc. The reason behind trying waistcoats again and again is that you should be comfortable with your outfit & your outfit should be breathable. There should be enough space under your arms so that you can move your hands freely with ease & enjoy the occasion without any stress.

  1. The Length

Waistcoat Length is a very important factor to consider before you buy a waistcoat for a kurta. For example, if you wear a waistcoat as a solo item then its length will be measured just up to the pocket side of your bottoms.

But if you’re pairing a waistcoat with a blazer or an overcoat, then its length can be two inches less. But, always keep this in mind that it should be of that much length that whenever you lift your hands, your shirt must not be visible!

  1. The Pockets

The pockets of the waistcoat must ideally be perfect & large enough for your hands so that you can slide in with ease. Also, there should be no pressure on the buttons when youslide your hands inside the pocket. For a better look & comfort, buy a waistcoat having side pockets than the front one. For example, if you’re wearing a waistcoat for the wedding then side pocket waistcoats can look royal.

Stylish Kurta Waistcoat In Different Patterns, Fabrics, Colors & Styles 

Cityvibes waistcoats are famous globally for their class &comfort. Cityvibes offers you waistcoats in a variety of materials like Linen, Poly Viscose/ Rayon,Cotton, and Terry Rayon to match every occasion, every mood, and every season as well.

For example, In formal events, Linen Cotton or Waistcoats can go perfectly as they look casual too.And if we talk about the Rayon waistcoats, they give an elegant party look, like you can wear a rayon waistcoat in black color for an attractive party look.

Waistcoats In All Styles:

Waistcoats contains three main patterns given below:-

  • Plain/Solids,
  • Printed
  • Textured

You can choose any pattern mentioned above as per your taste. Along with that, all these patterns have different styles given below-

  • The versatile Single Breasted Waistcoat,
  • Formal Waistcoat for men,
  • Double Breasted Waistcoat,
  • Waistcoat for Men’s Party Wear,
  • Casual waistcoat for men,
  • Waistcoat For Wedding,
  • Cross Buttoned Waistcoat,
  • The Chinese Collared Mandarin Waistcoat

Not only this but soon more patterns will be available in the market so that you can carry a modern & traditional look with a waistcoat for a kurta.

How To Buy Kurta Waistcoats for Men Online with Ease?

  1. Measure your chest area or front area &as per the Size Chart. Try placing the order at the same when you do measurements.

  2. Make sure that the waistcoat you select is as per the event &season. For example, You can buy a Single-Breasted Waistcoat set for men for a party. But, a waistcoat with Chinese Collared Mandarin can match a formal or semi-formal party only.

  3. Place your waistcoat order as per other items of your outfit.

  4. When the order is delivered to you, wear your complete outfit &check the fitting for a proper look.

  5. And if there is any issue with the order, you can easily check the exchange policy, in case you want to replace it.

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