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Article: Why Waistcoats are Essential for Elevating Your Ethnic Look?

Why Waistcoats are Essential for Elevating Your Ethnic Look?

Why Waistcoats are Essential for Elevating Your Ethnic Look?

With an update in the fashion trends, progress has been seen in Men’s ethnic wear. For special occasions or parties, men used to wear only Western outfits.  But nowadays, there are a variety of options available for men’s ethnic clothes in the market.

Ethnic Wear for Men

Today the sense of fashion has changed to another level & men want a bit extra in every outfit. Even the dressing style of men has been updated in such a manner that they love trying & experimenting with new looks & different styles. Thanks to Ethnic Wear as it has added a huge collection of men’s wear in the market.

Classic Kurta Pajama for Men Ethnic Wear

Kurta Pajama is known as one of the most comfortable ethnic wear for men. You can choose kurta pajama for men as per the fabric & the pattern you’re looking for. There are a variety of options in Kurta Pajamas like a magnificent printed kurta pajama  or a classic plaid one with a touch of embroidery. Make sure to buy this outfit by checking whether it is well-tailored or not so that you can wear it comfortably & effortlessly.

Importance of Ethnic Wear for All Occasions 

Men’s ethnic wear has a variety of options these days. The most common is kurta-pyjama, however, waistcoats have also become a major part of men’s wardrobe collections for ethnic wear. If we talk about our country, we have a few occasions & festivals for which we really need a nice pair of ethnic wear in our closet.

For most of the Men, ethnic wear is a very important outfit to attend various events. Kurta with waistcoat for men is a very trending option that they want to carry in most of their important events.  Before buying ethnic wear, ensure to choose them as per the seasons. For example, in summer season, you can go for a cotton kurta, whereas in winter you can pair your kurta pyjama & waistcoats or mufflers without messing up with your look. 

Kurta Pajamas with waistcoat is the most universal set that gives a simple yet smart look to every man. If you’re about to attend any puja or want to go to the office as well then the waistcoat set for men is such an outfit that can be worn for a whole day.

Waistcoats for ethnic look

Traditionally, Mandarin collared waistcoats were worn with kurtas. Most often they are tailored in jacquard or brocade patterns in cotton, linen, or silk fabrics. Waistcoats work as a fusion in men’s clothing that you can pair with your kurta pyjama to add an indo-western & ethnic touch. Waistcoats are in trend enhancing for an ethnic look to another level.

For family functions, you can carry designer or traditional heavy waistcoats with embroidery work on good-quality fabrics. This will add a style element to your simple outfit & make you look fancier. Cityvibes has a huge collection of waistcoat kurta sets for you so that you can opt for the one that compliments you.

 Waistcoats for All Your Occasions

Pairing a Kurta Pajama set with a waistcoat is an iconic way to present yourself in any event. And we want every man should get the best of it. With Cityvibes you can have the designer & versatile waistcoat collection that can help you to complete your outfit with ease. If you are a fan of black colour then you can also have a variety of waistcoats in black colour. You can even pick your favourite colour-coordinated set from Cityvibes that features minimal embroidery & matches your occasion needs.


For a good ethnic look, you can check our wide range of designer suit sets with waistcoats that can be paired with stylish yet comfortable bottoms. The most recent trend is to go with a kurta set & waistcoat which is combined with dhoti or churidar as per the look you want. You can even choose a waistcoat for men in blue colour paired with beige or white colour for the bottoms & same or contrasting colour kurta. You can also check our website for men's ethnic wear that can help you find your look for your various occasions or events.

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