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Article: Mastering the Three-Piece Suit: Choosing the Perfect Waistcoat

Mastering the Three-Piece Suit: Choosing the Perfect Waistcoat

Mastering the Three-Piece Suit: Choosing the Perfect Waistcoat

Three-piece suit is known around the world for its statement & class. And before buying a perfect waistcoat you should know that - From where did it start? When to wear a three-piece suit? How to wear it? So, below are some tips & history about three-piece suits:

What is a three-piece Suit?

As the name specifies in its own, the three-piece suit contains three parts:

  • A jacket,
  • A shirt,
  • A trouser,
  • A waistcoat.

Most of people may suggest that all three parts should be tailored with the same material but you can even wear it with a contrasting jacket or waistcoat for a different look. For example, you can wear a waistcoat on a shirt & pair it with a blazer & trousers of different or same fabric as per your choice.

As per the colour & the fabric, you can get a formal or informal look like a two-piece suit. Patterns with check waistcoat designs, lighter colours, and heavier fabrics can turn the outfit into a casual wear suit whereas Dark solid colours add a formal look to it.

How did the waistcoat originate?

The waistcoat word originated when tailors were cutting coats at the waistline. There is one more theory behind this as well. When the tailors used to stitch a two-piece suit, some material was left over from the tailoring & then they stitched “waste-coat” so that waste of material should not be done.

As per the research, waistcoats for men came into the fashion industry in the 17th century. During the Industrial Revolution in England, three-piece suits got huge demand as all the rich businessmen used to show their class look and wealth by wearing them.

Types of waistcoats

  • Waistcoat with Single-breasted pattern with points extends the chest visually
  • Waistcoat with Double-breasted pattern with 8 buttons for an extra & versatile layer of style.
  • Waistcoat for dinner has a shoehorn shape that hides the shirt b/w the belt & waistcoat button.

How to wear them?

  • The common way to wear a waistcoat is a 5-6 button pattern waistcoat with points. In the market, this type of waistcoat is easily & mostly available.
  • The shoehorn cut waistcoat is worn with only dinner blazers.

When can You wear a three-piece suit?

There are various occasions or places where you can wear your three-piece suit than you can even think.

Three-Piece Suit For Workplace 

Why not wear a set of waistcoats in black colour or a dark blue coloured three-piece suit to the office? Well, it depends on your work environment & office culture but this looks work a killer in the cooperate world.  If we talk about London then a three-piece set works so well as their office dress code.

Many work environments have their own dress code as well. You can also wear a three-piece suit in-office meetings or conferences as it gives a rich look to your personality.

Three-Piece Suit For Wedding Functions, Events & Special Occasions

Whether you’re the guest or it's your own wedding, you can wear three-piece suits for stylish & versatility. Three-piece suit set goes very well for formal as well as personal events.

How to wear a three-piece suit?

  • Blazers in a three-piece suit can be worn with open buttoned or unbuttoned.
  • The three-piece waistcoat must be of proper length. It should cover the waistband area of the bottom, but must not go far below it.
  • Never wear a belt with a three-piece suit so that the waistcoat cannot bounce up.
  • Always keep in mind that you should not wear a three-piece suit with a double-breasted jacket as it would make a lot of layers to the front. A double-breasted blazer completely hides the waistcoat also, defeating the purpose of wearing one.
  • Ensure that if you’re wearing a tie with a waistcoat set for men, you must wear it under the waistcoat, not outside of it.


Three-piece Suit is a symbol of class. With Cityvibes, you can buy the best fabric Three-piece Suit as per your colour & taste preferences. We offer such a collection that showcases your standard with the comfort of wearing.

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