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Article: Kurta Jacket for every occasion: From Casual Gathering To Festive Celebrations…

Kurta Jacket for every occasion: From Casual Gathering To Festive Celebrations…

Kurta Jacket for every occasion: From Casual Gathering To Festive Celebrations…

Opting for the ideal kurta & jacket can sometimes be very overpowering. So it is very necessary to get an idea about the event or occasion for which you want to wear the outfit. This can really help you to flaunt your style in a perfect way.

In case there is a festive celebration, try going with fine embroidery, bright colours, and detailed designs that can showcase the bright mode of the occasion. Basically, in traditional functions, our outfit should showcase versatile designs that present a touch of elegance & heritage. At the same time, modern setups call for outfits with stylish prints, fusion designs, and asymmetrical cuts.

While opting for your kurta jacket set, ensure to buy the outfit in accordance with the material based on the season. For example, in the summer season, it is better to choose cotton as it is a breathable & thick fabric in winter festivities. Also, consider the style of the sleeves, the jacket length, and the fitting of the complete outfit to enjoy the celebration as a whole.

Ways to Style Kurta Jacket for every occasion

Attaining an elegant look in a Kurta Jacket depends on different factors, like the colours, occasion, season & many more. Below-mentioned are the six best methods that can help you to style your kurta jacket Set with ease:

  • Select Colors of the Outfit As per the Occasion: Select the colour of the men’s jacket set based on elements like the venue, time of day, and occasion. For Example; Light shade colours look good in daylight, but for weddings happening in the daytime, opt for dark shade colours with elegant prints.
  • Wear Kurta with Churidar Set: A kurta pajama set or kurta pyjama with a jacket is elegant universally. For the fusion of fashion & tradition, consider pairing the kurta jacket with a churidar at the bottom. You can twist your look by just adding a few accessories as per the look needs.
  • Kurta Jacket Set with Harem Pants as Bottom: These harem pants are in the run for men’s as well as women’s fashion. The pair of kurta with a jacket for men with harem pants is not only elegant but also looks stylish & comfortable. This look is majorly opted by men for events like a Haldi ceremony, a Diwali Party, or a friend’s Mehendi function.
  • Drape Style Look: Drape style pattern is not only for women these days as Men can also carry a drape-style kurta with style. For example, you can buy a draped black kurta pajama with a jacket for an amazing look.
  • Embrace Ethnicity with a Nehru Jacket: For a trendy look, Nehru jacket will always win as it makes you look fashionable & up to the mark. Don’t forget to check whether the fabric is perfect or not to match your level.
  • Try a new look with Asymmetrical Kurtas Jacket set: As we know pairing a jacket with a kurta is fashionable, and asymmetrical kurtas add a stylish touch to your outfit. The asymmetrical pattern kurta turns your outfit into something different from the casual styles. This amazing long kurta jacket pattern can look good on all body types as it creates a slimming effect.

Cityvibes - A Best Choice For Mens Kurta Jacket Sets…

With Cityvibes, men can get a collection of trending ethnic wear with modern & traditional designs. We have a variety men’s clothing in a fine & good-quality material. You can get your outfit with ease as we have a varied range of styles, intricate detailing outfits, and premium fabrics. Our collection is known for a mix of modern style & cultural richness. The huge number of designs can easily cater to your criteria as per the occasions & tastes. Whether you want fine embroidered pieces, great fit, or bright shades, Cityvibes ensures that each kurta jacket set for men showcases style & versatility. You can also buy a long jacket kurta set from our store for the best-looking outfit.


If you’re looking for a kurta set with a jacket then choose them after considering the occasion, colour, and style of your preference. Whether it’s your friend’s wedding, your wedding, or any important occasion, you’re bound to pick the best outfit to flaunt your style.

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